Is your Van boring?

How many times has your van turned heads? Ever got a lead or client from driving down the street? If your answer was no, it’s probably because your van is boring, and the easiest remedy for a boring van is simple. Van Graphics. Specifically, Van Graphics from TCB Designs. There’s infinite reasons why you should get your van detailed but here’s just a few; An easily identifiable van (in the eyes of an insurance provider) is less likely to get stolen, so that means cheaper insurance quotes for you. Research also tells us that a branded business fleet creates brand credibility with potential customers, meaning more sales for your business. However, arguably the greatest benefit of Van Graphics is this; they are one of the cheapest forms of consistent advertising, attracting thousands of eyeballs all day, everyday.

“No one ever walks up to the driver of a blank van and asks for their business card.”                                   –Barry Gibbons, Van Signs Online